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Thanks to our collaboration with ENERSINE (, based in Gavirate (VA), we can offer a wide range of high quality products and we can grant a strong after sales support.

Single phase UPS up to 10 kVA, medical UPS up to 10 kVA and three phases UPS up to 200 kVA.

Medical UPS

Enersine ERGON-Med line compliant to IEC60601-1:2005/A1:2012 and IEC6061-1-2:2014 (ref. CE Directive 2007/47) is completely projected and studied to guarantee maximum safety to the medical equipment connected. Professional systems totally dedicated to supply critical devices where mains interruptions can generate inconveniences during special treatments.

High care components selection and skilled labor to manufacture all Ergon-Med let them to be a quality level product with the Made in Italy value. 


Medical UPS models and details

Medical Transformers (T-MED)

The T-Med unit has been designed and studied as a safety power supply for electro-medical devices, with the task to provide a stable output voltage free from any disturb or interference coming from the mains. Compliant to international medical norms IEC60601-1:2005/A1:2012 and IEC6061-1-2:2014 and including risk analysis compliant to ISO14971.

The unit is equipped with a toroidal isolation transformer with an electrostatic shield and of an electronic board dedicated to limit the inrush current. The device works with a supply voltage of 230Vac 50 / 60Hz; through the transformer with 6000V of galvanic isolation and electrostatic shield it supplies fix power at 230Vac 50 / 60Hz to the connected equipment.

The unit is protected by two 5×20 time-lag fuses with an interruption rating of 1500A@250Vac calibrated on the unit capacity. In the event of a short circuit or overvoltage, the fuses trip to interrupt the unit output.

Class I product. Mobile device.

T-Med models and details

High Safety UPS

The ERGON  range is available in models from 450W to 6300W with 1/1ph or 3/1ph configuration.

Not comparable to the standard ups systems, ERGON series is an exclusive ups line projected and developed with two protection levels:

  • Two toroidal transformers studied to grant load connected real safety possible through a double galvanic isolation, 4000V from mains and 4000V from unit output;
  • Electronic section in low voltage design for operator’s high safety;

In By-pass mode functioning galvanic isolation is maintained in order to avoid the load direct connection with the mains. 

Dedicated battery chargers studied to keep the battery efficiency at maximum levels, allow the possibility to increase back-up times on customer requirements. In addition to standard layout in TOWER, RACK or WALL MOUNTED design, skilled technical staff and experienced engineers are able to follow dedicated projects with all kind of customization.

Special treatments to face the most critical environment can be applied to the Ergon ups, such as anti-shocking treatments against vibrations and tropicalization treatments against high humidity and much more.

High care components selection and skilled labor to manufacture all ERGON series let them to be a quality level product with the Made in Italy value.


ERGON models and details

Light UPS


The COSMO range is available in  models from 1KVA to 10KVA with on-line double conversion technology offering reliability and protection for sensible informatic applications.

Battery extension packs available, This ups has USB communication ports and RS232 as standard, with a built-in expansion slot for SNMP, with the possibility of a parallel functioning of all ports. This line is available in 1/1 and 3/1 configuration, in tower or rack version


This ups are a power solution between the on-line ups and the step-wave ups, where it is not required an on-line technology but the output sine wave is a must. The INTERSINE range is the ideal solution for the protection of peripheral network devices and network backup systems.


The BLAZE series includes models from 650VA to 2000VA and uses digital Line Interactive (VI) technology.

The load is powered from the mains through an AVR to stabilise brownout, sag and surge voltages, and EMI filters to suppress spikes and transients. When the mains fails, the load is powered by the inverter with a pseudo sinewave to provide sufficient runtime for computer system shutdown.

COSMO applications:

INTERSINE applications:

BLAZE applications:

COSMO - INTERSINE - BLAZE models and details

Triton UPS - Three Phases

A true on-line double conversion technology used to protect the load against blackout, brownout and all power quality disturbances. 

The most advanced features are the rectifier and the inverter with high frequency switching IGBT, giving  very low input THD (<3%) and the input sinusoidal current absorption with power factor 1. Thanks to the TRAFOLESS design, these UPS have a very high efficiency, more than 95%, with very compact dimensions for all the power range.

Parallel redundancy is up to 8 units.



TRITON models and details

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